EPSA acquires PSG

11. February 2020

EPSA acquires PSG
(Procurement Services GmbH),
bolstering its position as a worldwide leader in Procurement Marketplaces


Paris, 10 February 2020 – EPSA, a designer and provider of optimisation solutions for businesses, maintains its growth momentum and announces the acquisition of German company PSG – Procurement Services GMbH – as part of its Marketplace business. This acquisition supports EPSA's ambition of providing solutions to major groups’ procurement management worldwide using its proven know-how and advanced digital technology. Now with over 360 employees and more than €500M in revenue, EPSA Marketplace has become the worldwide leader in non-strategic procurement outsourcing


EPSA has been an undisputed European leader in Procurement Marketplaces since it took over Experbuy in 2018. Now, it’s strengthening its position on the global stage with the acquisition of PSG, a ground-breaking leader on the German market for procurement services outsourcing via an online platform.


This takeover was driven by both strategic and technological reasons. As a large industrial nation, Germany is ahead of the rest of Europe when it comes to restructuring corporate purchasing practices. Consequently, EPSA is now recognised as a major Franco-German player in Europe, with global reach. Furthermore, with the combination of their integrated digital technologies, EPSA and PSG have become a key Marketplace provider offering a B2C website's smooth and simplified customer experience enhanced with their B2B know-how in corporate procurement.


EPSA and PSG’s international complementarity has sustained a long-standing partnership, as the two companies share a common vision of the market and its developments. This takeover demonstrates and furthers their shared goals of bringing the best service and most comprehensive offer to corporate procurement departments.


“We are delighted to continue our expansion and to strengthen our position as a global leader in Procurement Marketplaces. We’re now operating on three continents, and are proud to integrate this German gem’s 120 employees into our team. Together, we offer a full range of cutting-edge technological solutions to our clients all over the world,” stated Matthieu Gufflet, Founding President of EPSA.


“We’ve developed an excellent relationship over the years and share the same vision on how to address the market and steer our companies. This is why we are happy to join EPSA and take part in building an international leader with unique know-how and state-of-the-art digital technology.” said Michael Kofler, CEO of PSG.


About EPSA

EPSA designs and builds customised, sustainable optimisation solutions for businesses. EPSA is the ideal partner for any business seeking to improve its performance and profitability.
Based all around the world, and with a thousand employees and a proprietary integrated digital solution, EPSA is the only company offering all-inclusive support through three core activities: procurement consultancy, optimisation of national insurance and tax contributions, and Marketplace.
EPSA’s client-oriented teams aim for high performance and efficiency every day using a customised approach that is both sustainable and tailored to each organisation’s individual needs and processes.
ESPA is a human-driven company, taking action through an ambitious CSR policy which is particularly visible in its Foundation.


About PSG

PSG (Procurement Services Gmbh) is the major Procurement Marketplace in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. PSG deals in digital procurement of indirect spending and develops integrated solutions for operational purchasing.
Today, PSG is recognised worldwide thanks to its unique combination of supplier catalogues and an occasional purchasing service using PSG-Spot Buy.
A portfolio of more than 300 clients from the industry and services sectors and a nearly 30% market share of DAX companies are a testimony of PSG’s performance. With the procurement service platforms provided by PSG, more than 100,000 users all around the globe are already connected, generating over 200,000 orders per year. With over 90,000 suppliers and more than 15 million catalogue items to choose from, PSG is able to cover up to 90% of clients’ needs.


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